From the Extremadura pasture

Acorn-fed Iberian ham…18,00€
Acorn fed Iberian loin with paprika…18,00€
Assorted select cheese board…12,00€
1/2 D.O. Torta del Casar cheese…14,00€

To share

Crispy black pudding and roasted apple rolls…12,00€
Duck foie terrine with apple, pistachio and red fruits…18,00€
Tuna tartar with pickles and soy…16,00€
Macerated Iberian pork shoulder tartar with Wakame seaweed…16,00€
Grilled octopus with creamy mashed potatoes…16,00€
Boletus edulis (porcini) mushrooms with Torta cheese parmentier (mashed potatoes) and poached egg…16,00€
Cod tempura with squid ink aioli…16,00€


Pickled partridge with seasonal fruits and honey vinaigrette…14,00€
Caesar salad with crunchy chicken and Parmesan cheese…12,00€

Our rices

(Minimum 2 people, price per person)
Traditional creamy lobster…16,00€
King prawns and fresh cod…15,00€
Risotto of boletus edulis (porcini) mushrooms and foie…14,00€


Squid stuffed with prawns and smoked bacon with mild curry sauce…16,00€
Tuna Tataki with tender shoots and white sesame…16,00€
Mussel meat in seafood stew…15,00€
Cod fillet au gratin with cream of tomato…16,00€


Veal sirloin with parsnips puree and foie gras fillets…20,00€
Iberian sirloin with creamy potatoes and red wine reduction…16,00€
Iberian pork shoulder with sautéed julienne vegetables…18,00€
Kid leg with potatoes roasted in its own juices…20,00€
Cheeks stewed in semi sweet red wine…14,00€
Boneless suckling pig and roasted in a wood fired oven…18,00€


Liquid chocolate coulant with vanilla soup…6,00€
Cheesecake with dulce de leche…6,00€
Strawberries with chocolate and cream…6,00€
Creamy mango and coconut with poppy seeds…6,00€

Tasting menu

Duck foie terrine with apple, pistachio and red fruits. Semi-sweet Payva
Macerated tuna tartar in pickled soy and white sesame. Payva Brut Nature
Poached egg with parmentier (mashed potatoes), crispy ham and black olives. SoloI Cayetana
Cod fillet au gratin with garlic mayonnaise and cream of tomato. SoloI Graciano
Veal sirloin with parsnip and crunchy cassava puree. Payva 56 barricas
Strawberries with chocolate and cream. Payva Brut Nature



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