Paiva Cosecha

These grapes come from our vineyards which are trellis trained, having fresh and clay soils and NW-SE orientation so as to capture the maximum possible luminosity without excess of sunlight during the hours of maximum temperature.

Vineyard and soil:

95% Tempranillo
5% Merlot y Syrah

Perfect drinking temperature:

14º – 16º



Recommended to be served with red meats, Iberian pork and processed fish.

Harvesting and elaboration

100,000 bottles of the 2016 harvest have been packaged

The grapes are hand harvested at the beginning of September in 200 kg boxes for transport. Upon arrival at the winery they are downloaded to sorting tables. Carrying out a cold maceration by means of small pumping over, prior to fermentation, in order to extract the maximum amount of quality aromas and a stable colour. Said fermentation takes place in thermal intervals of between 22 and 27°C until reaching the optimum point of devatting in order to imbue the youngest and most lively aromas possible.

Once this process is finished, and after 48 hours of static racking, it is decanted into a new 300-litre Allier French oak barrel, where it remains for 3 months

The wine remains in the bottle for at least 1 months.

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